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New Jira Integration for Birdview PSA

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If you were using Jira and Birdview PSA together before to manage your projects, you might be familiar with the challenges that come with working between two separate solutions. Duplicating data and constantly switching between two tools can cause confusion and inefficiencies, and can also be time-consuming and error-prone.  

Our Jira integration is designed to help Birdview PSA users transfer their Jira projects’ and users’ data into Birdview PSA. With this integration, you can now effortlessly manage your team’s capacity, budgets, and costs for your Jira projects.

How it works

Synchronize projects between Jira and Birdview

  1. There are two ways to set up your Jira integration. You may either go to your Birdview account and find the Integrations tab in the menu or go straight to the Atlassian Marketplace.  
  2. Connect the two applications (you should be logged into both your Jira and Birdview accounts).
  3. Finish the app configuration by choosing the Jira projects you want to synchronize. You can add new projects and remove old ones at any time.



What data will be imported?

Jira project data is automatically synchronized with Birdview PSA, including:

  • Project and task titles
  • Gantt chart dependencies
  • Estimated hours and hours left
  • Assignees


With Birdview PSA, you can get a comprehensive view of your Jira projects’ progress, resource, and financial performance, and:

  • Plan your team’s resource capacity and manage your team’s workload
  • Track and manage the financial health of your projects, including budgets, rates, and costs
  • Integrate your invoice system to automate the invoicing process
  • Generate 250+ insightful Power BI reports and dashboards to keep track of your Jira projects

Visit our help page and learn how to synchronize your Jira projects with Birdview PSA.

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