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New RESTful API is available

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We are happy to announce the release of a brand new version of Easy Projects API (Application Programming Interface).
It’s based on the RESTful architecture and is implemented as XML/JSON over HTTP.

The new API supports the following objects:

  • Projects
  • Activities
  • Portfolios
  • Timelogs
  • Calendar
  • Messages
  • Users
  • Customers
  • Roles
  • Project attachments
  • Project members
  • Activity attachments
  • Activity assignees
  • And more...

You’ll find complete documentation for this API with integrated test examples inside of your account, at:

We also have a dedicated API blog at:  Birdview PSA – Application Programming Interface

If you have  an idea for a plugin or add-on  for Birdview PSA – please  contact us. We would be happy to feature your product in  Integrations.


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