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Latest Product Update: Risk Indicators and Snoozing Feature

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Any properly built business process requires managers and teams to accurately meet their planned deadlines, timelines, and budgets. Any discrepancy can immediately result in a shift in the plans and forecasts of the team, company, or client.  

This time, we are excited to announce our new functionality to make it easier for you to spot and fix issues on projects and tasks, as well as to prevent them from occurring.  

Project Risk Indicators

Risk indicators show whether your projects have any tasks or metrics that are out of their normal state, can negatively affect project results, and require your attention. The functionality is available both for Easy Projects and Birdview PSA users.  

To see troubled projects, go to the Activity Center. Risk indicators will be displayed in the first column next to the project or task name. The number on the indicator shows how many issues your project has.  

There are two types of risk indicators:

  • Red indicators show that there are already issues with the project deadline, overloading, or budget overrun.  
  • Yellow indicators show that some of the tasks are at risk and it is still possible to prevent it, for example, the projected budget may go beyond its limits.

Note that this feature is only available if you have the End Date, Estimated Hours, and Total Budget fields active in your Activity Center. Check out our short tutorial video to learn more about project risk indicators.  

How to snooze project risk indicators

If you want to pause troubled project or task alerts, you can snooze risk indicators. Simply click on the risk indicator on a task level or a project level to snooze only one alert or all them, respectively. You can also select a period of time during which the system will not disturb you and you will not get alerts regarding this particular project or task.  

Our product team’s first priority is to provide our customers with the solutions to make the project management process even simpler and more efficient. If you want to share some ideas or have any questions about the new functionality, feel free to reach out to our support team.  

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