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Interactive Palette Inc. Sets up Simple Billing Using Birdview


No proper time tracking

  • The team was not keeping track of time properly and a lot of time wasn’t being billed. Because Interactive Palette did not have any accounting system, quite a bit of the time was not accounted for in client invoices. 

Lack of project tracking and billing options

  • Because all the necessary data was not collected, the benefits of the project have always remained a mystery. In addition, billing took forever which was a big problem for them before.


  • Project tracking

    Depending on the scope of the project and the time spent, Interactive Palette was able to accurately calculate the invoices they billed to clients. Manual labor disappeared from their routine and time was saved.

  • Custom reports

    When all the most important things for a project are gathered in one place, working hours and other aspects are accounted for, Interactive Palette simply uploads the report for the client and bills it. It's as simple as that.

  • Time tracking

    Now the manager knows the exact time spent on each task and the project as a whole. This made the financial side more transparent and the calculations more accurate.


Interactive Palette evaluated 4 different project management applications and decided to purchase Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) mainly because it had some of the features they liked from MS Project. They also like the possibility of customizing the product with some of their other forms.

Currently, 5 employees are actively using Birdview PSA managing 15+ projects simultaneously. They find time tracking, reporting, and the organization of projects and tasks to be the essential features for them. Right now, they are about to start using the bug tracking feature in Birdview PSA for QA purposes on websites, which they hadn’t planned on while choosing a project management tool.

when it is time to do billing it is all right there

“The key benefit of using Birdview PSA in our company – now when we want to know how profitable a project was we run a report and when it is time to do billing it is all right there.” 

Kevin McNally

The Founder

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