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Saving 50% of the Time Needed for Project Management


Lack of a centralized solutions

  • For the ILC team, it was complicated to track the project’s progress, change responsibilities, re-assigning tasks, manage resources, bill entries, and manage financial data without a single centralized solution.


  • Project tracking

    International Legal Counsels wanted to plan task assignments, monitor projects, and bill clients based on data from a single place. With Birdview PSA, all this became possible, thus freeing up the time of managers and executives.

  • A Single source of truth

    Access to the status of tasks, work time, and customer data should take place in a centralized system. Data duplication used to be a problem, but now everything is in Birdview PSA, where changes are displayed instantly and accompanied by email notifications.

  • Team collaboration

    ILC found the Birdview PSA team collaboration features very useful. The possibility of posting messages within the assignment, getting email notifications, and re-assignment within the same task helped to increase team’s productivity and keep everyone in the loop.


Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) immediately resolved the majority of the issues. Management of the clients’ list, assignments, and tasks, tracking billing and other project management processes became a breeze and helped the team to forget about constant headaches and unnecessary duplication in various programs. In addition, the team’s ability to multitask is increased by using Birdview PSA. The additional capabilities that International Legal Counsels noted to be convenient were time and expense entries and customized status of projects and tasks.

The ILC team usually manages 40-50 projects at once and the manager, rather than having to spend 30-45 minutes every day to keep up with the assignments, spends only about one hour a week discussing the deadlines and workload and 10-15 minutes a day for entering time and assignments.

EP immediately resolved the majority of the problems

“Combination of price, great support, comprehensiveness of the system, easy-to-learn system, intuitive interface were the factors that convinced us to choose Birdview PSA over three other competing products. EP immediately resolved the majority of the problems. Management of the clients’ list, assignments and tasks, tracking billing became a breeze and saved a lot of headaches and unnecessary duplication in various programs.”


Dmitri I. Dubograev 

The Founder and CEO

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