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Interroll Completes Projects 50% Faster with Birdview PSA


The existing PM software was complex and hard to use

  • Interroll found it increasingly challenging to manage and update projects, record hours and costs using the previous project management software due to how slow and complicated it was. 

20% user adoption rate among employees

  • Project managers were frustrated with the lag and complexity and avoided updating tasks and projects. If a staff member wasn’t computer literate – managers did not request updates altogether.

Lack of trust between the management and the staff

  • The previous PM system’s complexity led to a lack of trust among staff – where the manager did not trust his team as it was clearly demotivated. Constant reminders were given to staff to update hours and tasks.

Delays in project planning and delivery stages

  • Project dependencies were not possible, which affected the planning stage of a project, and ultimately, the delivery time. Because tasks were updated manually, projects were created using minimal associated tasks.


  • Workflow automation

    With a global network of 34 subsidiaries, for Interroll, it’s important to keep everyone on the same page. Workflow automation helps streamline processes across the entire organization and provides everyone with clarity on goals and responsibilities.

  • Project tracking

    Birdview PSA makes it easier for managers to plan, organize, and manage their teams’ work on multiple projects and helps to assign the right people for the right task and project every time.

  • Customization

    To help Interroll get started on the new projects quickly and save the team's time, Birdview PSA introduced custom templates. Team members no longer need to recreate every process and may not worry about missing a thing.

  • Time tracking

    With the Birdview PSA time tracking capabilities, the Interroll teams can now create and share time logs to help managers track their projects’ timelines and provide accounting departments with accurate data for billing clients.


The ease of use has been a game-changer for the team at Interroll. Updating tasks, recording hours, and changing due dates is quick and intuitive. No heavy computer background is needed to use the software. User adoption is dramatically higher, with more than 80% of staff using Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) to its full potential.

Utilizing project dependencies has significantly increased project accuracy. Projects now comprise 50-60 detailed tasks, yet all tasks and billable hours can still be easily updated, resulting in faster project planning, more project control, and quicker delivery times. With automated reporting, project managers have more visibility into timeline and cost deviations which helps keep customers and senior management informed.

Birdview helps us look much more professional as an organization.

We were given the freedom to choose any Project Management software on the market. After extensive research, we chose Birdview PSA. The ease and flexibility of creating custom fields have been invaluable to me. Project planning used to take us 3-4 days to complete; now, it takes us 3-4 hours. Our customers appreciate the detailed level of reporting we provide them. Birdview helps us look much more professional as an organization.

Roberto Villa

Head of R&D

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