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PepsiCo increases productivity by 37% with Birdview PSA


High volume of workstreams

  • With a highly diverse team of 50+ employees, a large volume of requests (both internal and external) were coming in from multiple sources. This created the challenge of tracking and monitoring 400+unique workstreams.

Multiple tools and siloed data

  • Employees and managers across the PepsiCo team were using a variety of platforms, tools and solutions to both execute and document their work. Sharing data between teams and leaders became increasingly challenging, especially with most team members having limited access to each other’s preferred solution. In addition, the consolidation of data required a considerable amount of manual work.

Difficulty measuring workloads and planning resources 

  • With so many unique roles and responsibilities within the team, it was difficult to see who was overloaded or potentially underutilized. 


  • Business Intelligence

    PepsiCo uses a lot of BI data for external customers and stakeholders. The Birdview PSA business intelligence reporting functionality allows processing large amounts of information and provides a tremendous amount of help to the team.

  • A Single source of truth

    Thanks to Birdview PSA, the entire PepsiCo R&D department, including the head and team leaders, is pulling data from one source. As a result, the management process is streamlined, while visibility and access to information have caused a cultural shift.

  • Resource management

    The Birdview PSA resource management features provide PepsiCo with valuable insights into their team’s current workload, availability and allow adjusting its assignments as required.

  • Tailored workflows

    Birdview PSA is a customizable platform that can be easily integrated with the company’s existing IT environment and align with the long-established business processes and workflows.


Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) enabled complete visibility into the workstreams of 50+ employees, enabling other team members to see the status and progress of any given project, at any time. PepsiCo utilizes the Birdview PSA resource loading engine to observe each team members’ workload and adjust as required. 

PepsiCo also leveraged the Birdview PSA customizable features to tailor the platform to their unique processes and workflows. The team was also able to fully customize its business intelligence reporting to better suit the requirements of stakeholders.

A single source of truth has streamlined our management process.

From a management perspective, we can observe individual workloads both qualitatively and quantitatively. We leverage the visibility to understand the evolvement from each person or team, and credit people and teams for their contribution at various levels. This truly helps with employee morale.

Visibility and access to information have caused a cultural shift. We use a lot of (BI) data for external customers on the fly – It provides a tremendous amount of help. Our teams feel more empowered. A single source of truth has streamlined our management process.

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