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Sanford Health Manages 200+ Projects Simultaneously


Lack of consistency in project management 

  • The IT department at Sanford Health lacked the consistency in how projects were managed, needed a more formal workflow process for defining and approving projects,  and wanted to implement a more disciplined approach.

No uniform management tools between teams

  • Tracking the project, updating project status, and setting target dates was a manual process, and equated to additional hours spent every workweek across the entire IT department.


  • Project Tracking

    With powerful filters, role-based security, and all teams utilizing one uniform database, access is given to all stakeholders and projects are easy to track and can be reported on in a number of different ways.

  • Customization

    Customized features allow the system to fit the organization's specific needs, making it more efficient to approve projects, as well as report on the status and throughput of all projects in the system.

  • Resource Management

    By making the project review and approval process consistent through Birdview PSA, the Sanford IT department can now allocate more time to actual projects, rather than focusing on manually managing and tracking project throughput.

  • Tailored Workflows

    Together with Birdview PSA technical support, they set up all the necessary processes. All department projects are now approved, planned, and managed through Birdview PSA, which resulted in improved workflow from project conception to completion.


Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) was chosen as the most uniform yet flexible solution, due to its ease of use, automated batch tools, and the ability to purchase the source code for custom modifications. A full-scale deployment and installation of Birdview PSA were easy. The straightforward interface of Birdview PSA allows both novice and experienced users to quickly learn, adapt and begin to manage their projects.

Birdview PSA is now used by 200 licensed users at the Sanford IT department, with nearly 200 projects in progress at any given time. By defining specific target goals for the organization’s overall PM methodology upfront, Birdview PSA acted as a vehicle for implementing and enforcing those practices. For Sanford IT, implementing Birdview PSA along with other methodology practices has been a culture change. They are evolving and improving every day.

Birdview PSA fits within our cost requirements and the ease of implementation

While searching for a uniform tool to assist with our project management and approval process, Birdview PSA became the clear choice. Birdview PSA fits within our cost requirements and the ease of implementation, wide array of features, and ability to customize the application to fit our specific needs are very important to us.

Steve Thompson,
Director of Information Technology

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