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The Transitions Team Communicates and Works Faster


Problems with communications

  • The IT department at Transitions Optical used Microsoft tools for its tasks, but the functionality wasn’t enough. They wanted to find something that would help address the challenges of collaboration and communication between the IT teams internationally.

No centralized data storage place

  • Since managers created separate Excel files for each project, there was a serious problem with collaboration. The project lead wasn’t able to see the big picture of all projects and has been managing in one spot.

Lack of a single tool to provide accurate project status

  • The team also didn’t have a single tool to update their projects’ statuses, resulting in multiple emails sent out to the entire team to keep everyone informed.


  • A Single Source of Truth

    All of the tasks and information across the departments are stored in one place. Team members can now easily update project status to keep everyone in the loop. It just couldn't help but ease communication and help with process optimization.

  • Tailored Workflows

    Transitions Optical had experience with project management systems, but they needed more than tasking: once the department had access to the data, it needed to set up workflows accordingly.

  • Custom Reports

    All reports are exported and presented in a convenient form, designed specifically for the company.

  • Custom Forms

    The ability to make custom forms with the required fields for incoming requests has sped up work in Transitions.


After reviewing over 10 different project management software platforms, the IT services department at Transitions picked Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) to help them collaborate and communicate better and make sure that the company is up and running. They work on several projects per month both locally and internationally as well as through their parent company.

Currently, the team at Transitions saves an hour a day per employee due to the implementation of Birdview PSA . Moreover, they have cut down on spending time managing multiple files for each project, and are now able to do things they never dreamed possible.

Birdview PSA has helped Transitions Optical set up seamless IT project management to help their team collaborate better together. With the help of our tech and client support specialists, they were able to successfully launch and roll out Birdview PSA to their global team. Birdview PSA will continue to work closely with the Transitions, helping to make project management easy.

The tool is easy, it’s customizable and adaptable to our needs

The tool is easy, it’s customizable and adaptable to our needs, and I would like to recommend your support group, they are very helpful. I can get answers from them immediately, regardless of the time.

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