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Сompleting over 5700 Projects a Month with Birdview PSA


No visibility at the portfolio and customer level

  • The old PM software didn’t provide the team with the capability to analyze and manage multiple projects and clients simultaneously, thus wasting their time on repetitive actions.    

No ability to control access to data based on employee role

  • Advanced 1 couldn’t set proper data access restrictions across its team members, which led to communication issues.

Incomplete or old project data

  • Without the accurate data, Advanced 1 wasn’t able to make efficient decisions, which resulted in hours of wasted working time, thus decreasing the team’s productivity.  

No insight into employee performance, efficiency, and overall project ROI

  • Advanced 1 didn’t track its employee time, wasn’t able to get accurate updates on the projects’ timelines, delays, as well as identify and prevent potential project risks, resulting in missed deadlines, client satisfaction issues, and overtime work.


  • Workflow automation

    With the workflow automation capabilities. Advanced 1 established rules and logic across its key business processes, thus improving its teams’ productivity and decreasing the number of human errors.

  • Business Intelligence

    With the built-in BI reports, teams can visualize and analyze their projects’ performance based on real-time data and KPIs.

  • Team collaboration

    A variety of built-in team collaboration tools allows keeping every team member posted on any changes made within the project, sharing results, and speeding up the overall project delivery process.

  • Time tracking

    To get relevant updates on the projects’ progress and teams’ performance, Advanced 1 started using the Birdview PSA time management features.

  • Resource loading

    The Resource Loading feature helps managers to optimize resource utilization, prevent work overload and underload, and always find the right people for the right task.


Advanced 1 chose Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) as its one and only tool to reproduce their company’s workflows, as well as to mirror and improve the process they were using. The team eliminated the use of Excel and other financial tools to use Birdview PSA as a sole hub to store all the project data in one place for better visibility and reporting. The Advanced 1 management now relies on relevant real-time data to make informed decisions.

The project intake process was automated completely using the Birdview PSA API, allowing the entire Advanced 1 team to improve communication, operate more efficiently, and have more projects and tasks completed than ever before.

the duration of high volume projects has decreased by 30%

“The most dramatic improvement has been that the duration of high volume projects has decreased by 30% since we started using Birdview PSA.”

William Tucker
Director of Technical Services

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