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60% Increase in Productivity When Using Birdview PSA


Complex reporting system

  • For a company this large, with multiple entities that have come together, reporting has always been a challenge. Data was scattered and accessing it from multiple systems was time-consuming and inefficient. 

Low team’s productivity level

  • CenturyLink’s productivity suffered and the company’s leadership didn’t have the visibility it required.

Lack of visibility into operations

  • The company’s leadership didn’t have enough information on key processes and operations, thus making it impossible to provide accurate answers to any inquiries.


  • Workflow Automation

    Since CenturyLink is comprised of multiple companies, it’s crucial to introduce workflow automation to unify business operations and put every single participant of the organization on the same page.

  • Project Tracking

    Multiple projects require a lot of attention. Birdview PSA makes it easier to plan, create, manage, and track numerous projects at the same time within a single platform and without the need to switch between multiple tools.

  • Business Intelligence

    The Birdview PSA BI functionality is aimed at delivering more visibility into CenturyLink’s business processes, thus providing its leadership with data needed for efficient decision-making and business management.

  • Custom Reports

    Custom reports make it easier for an organization of multiple entities to retrieve and analyze large amounts of data. CenturyLink can now extract data from different sources and unify it automatically.


Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) has helped CenturyLink create custom reports that have enabled its team to pool data and provide real-time metrics to executives within a minute’s notice. Being able to collect data from multiple systems and house it in one system where everyone can see it is extremely valuable.

Reporting is now easy, leadership has full visibility and answers to inquiries within minutes. Through faster billing and a smoother intake process, CenturyLink improved its cash flow.

I can create a project in Birdview PSA 50-75% faster than I could

We are comprised of multiple companies, so being able to collect data from multiple systems and to house it into one system where everyone can see it is extremely valuable. I can create a project in Birdview PSA 50-75% faster than I could in our previous PM system.”

Eric Baker 

Sr. Manager Service Delivery

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