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Variass Increased Team’s Productivity by 10%


Lack of a centralized solution for finances and reporting

  • Variass utilized different solutions for all of the company’s key processes. Excel spreadsheets were used for project management, while financial progress was managed through an in-house ERP system. As a result, it was hard to get an overview of the projects’ health which slowed down the company’s future growth.

Lack of visibility into resources

  • Existing solutions required didn’t offer a convenient way for team members to track and log their time spent. It took no less than an hour for a single team member to log their time, so specialists wasted their valuable time on time reporting instead of their responsibilities. Besides, managers didn’t have visibility into their team’s workload, making it harder to plan for future projects and tasks.  


  • Project Tracking

    The most important thing for Variass was the ability to track the status of its projects and see the overall project overview to make strategic decisions based on relevant and up-to-date information.

  • Customization

    Since the company was already using its own solutions from financial management, an individual approach was required. It was important to integrate Birdview PSA with the existing IT environment. The team also finds it useful to apply templates for project structures, especially for ISO13485/MDR projects.

  • Resource Management

    With Birdview's advanced resource management functionality, the Variass team now can plan hours booking efficiently taking into account the team's current workload.

  • Custom Reports

    Simple reporting has helped the company better understand their projects’ health and the financial side of their business. Variass can also demonstrate the progress of their work to their clients more clearly.

  • Time Tracking

    The convenient tracking solutions helped to reduce time spent on actual time logging, thus freeing up engineers' time for their key responsibilities and other more important and result-oriented tasks.

  • Guest Portal

    Thanks to a free guest portal, the company’s clients are now able to see the project progress, leave feedback and, in general, participate in the entire project development process.


When Variass felt the need for a more user-friendly and advanced tool for tracking projects and time, the manager selected a long list of 10 project management systems. Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) ended up being the only solution to meet all of the company’s key needs

With the adoption of Birdview PSA, the speed of the project delivery and the team’s efficiency increased significantly. First, engineers need 60% less time spent on tracking working hours. The API solutions from Birdview PSA are powerful and help connect to other data sources. Both time and project tracking has become convenient for employees. Finally, the company gained full visibility and transparency into its processes and operations and provided its customers with detailed reports and accurate project updates in real-time. 

we selected Birdview PSA as the best tool in the market that fits our needs

“What we searched for was to professionalize the project management of the development process, and therefore we selected Birdview PSA as the best tool in the market that fits our needs. Based on that, we can easier and better manage our product development.”


Hendri Kortman,
Innovation Manager

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