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When Spreadsheets Hit the Fan | Episode 13 | 6:37 | March 27, 2023

Success Story: How Hatch LTK Implemented Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects)

Erika Brown
Erika Brown
Director of Project Assurance and Controls
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In this episode, our guest Erika Brown, the Director of Projects Assurance and Controls at Hatch LTK, a professional services firm delivering technical and strategic services to the infrastructure sector, with a focus on Passenger Rail. Erika will talk about her experience implementing and working with the Birdview PSA solution (formerly Easy Projects) and will also share her advice on how it’s best to introduce new technologies to the team to minimize risks.

Erika will tell how Birdview PSA helped their organization to:

  • Improve resource utilization and provide early insight into hiring projections to facilitate hiring decisions
  • Improve project management delivery processes and procedures
  • Integrate all business systems and information into one enterprise system, providing a single source of truth for resources, finances, and projects

With Birdview PSA, Hatch LTK achieved great results and saved approximately 1,700 hrs and $300K per year. To learn more about these and other achievements, check out our Hacth LTK case study here: https://birdviewpsa.com/client-case-studies/hatch-ltk/

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