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Connecting your community to the world is no easy task. As a telecom project manager, you’re constantly faced with strict deadlines, budget restraints and endlessly liaising with various vendors and departments.

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Birdview PSA can help you:

  • Visualize timelines and map out complex projects via the Interactive Gantt Chart
  • Collaborate with your team from a remote location or at meetings using our mobile apps for Android or iOS
  • Keep confidential information safe with enhanced security settings

Interactive Gantt Chart

When coordinating the schedules of various stakeholders such as the government, contractors, and legal services, it’s useful to have a visual representation of all the requirements and when they’re going to be due.

Birdview PSA’ Interactive Gantt Chart allows for simple drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy for you to view the critical path and keep your schedule up to date with the latest developments in your Telecom projects.

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Communications projects often call upon team members from different regions, but this can make coordinating together quite a challenge.

Birdview PSA is a flexible telecom project management platform where team members can share ideas, documents and collaborate in real-time.

The mobile app and mobile site allow remote teams to send in updates without needing to access a computer.

Resource Management

When it comes to large telecom projects like cell site rollouts, it’s all hands on deck. There are so many different people, teams, departments and agencies involved, it’s tough keeping track of individual responsibilities.

As a result, the project team may not be operating at maximum efficiency. Some team members may be overloaded, while others are not busy enough.

The Birdview PSA resource planning feature allows project managers to stay up to date on workloads for maximum project efficiency.

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Issue Tracking

Once your project has been rolled out and is up and running, it’s time to turn to managing the day-to-day operations.

With Birdview PSA, you can use our flexible Custom Forms for Issue Tracking within the project.

This will ensure that the project you worked so hard to set-up will continue to run smoothly.

Security & Permissions

Sometimes you need to be able to compartmentalize a project. Perhaps one team is dealing with sensitive information that can’t be released, or perhaps another is only allowed to review work, instead of edit it.

Whatever the case may be, Birdview PSA provides an excellent Permissions system that can be modified to fit any criteria you desire.

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“The most dramatic improvement has been that the duration of our high volume projects has decreased by 30% since we started using Birdview PSA.

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