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Episode 2: Business as an Ecosystem: Thinking Beyond Buyers and Sellers

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We are incredibly excited to bring you the second episode following the excellent first episode of the podcast series.


In this episode, our host, John, talks to Zach McGrath of LCG Advisors about the power of partnership-based strategies that professional service organizations can use for the benefit of their business. Relationships within and outside the company are becoming more and more complex, in a good way. Now those who think more broadly than they did a few years ago are the ones who stay on top of it.  

What we’ll discuss this time:

  • The one big mistake professional service organizations make
  • What’s the negative impact of bringing on a stingy customer?  
  • The importance of setting expectations with new customers
  • The Due Diligence teams make the deals stronger, not longer  
  • Value-Based Partnerships

Does all this sound familiar and relevant to your business? Then follow this link:

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