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Reducing the Time to Complete a Project by 26%


Outdated tools

  • Excel was the primary tool for planning and allocation. PDF forms were used for briefs and project details. Project collaboration, communication, resource allocation, and reporting were non-existent or too labor-intensive.

Quick adoption of the tool is required

  • Adoption and ease of use were the most important factors when evaluating about 20 tools. It was critical to get up and running quickly and select something that the entire team would buy into.


  • Project tracking

    All projects are combined into an organized portfolio created specifically for a certain stakeholder. Thus, only those who work with projects and tasks and the client's representative have access to the project data.

  • Custom reports

    Reporting to the company's stakeholders is essential, so this feature of Birdview PSA was among the key ones for the client.

  • Team collaboration

    Team collaboration tools help to optimize the time spent in real time, while the notification system makes sure everyone on the project is in the loop and doesn't waste their time on constant status updates through emails.

  • Custom forms

    Birdview PSA makes it easy to achieve the level of customization the customer needs. Custom forms are available for a wide variety of tasks and are often used by the team.


Now all projects in the company are stored and tracked in one place. This allows the team to make better decisions about resource allocation and project intake. With solid processes around these two functions, the customer can be confident that all projects are on track.

Project timelines are now more accurate and projects are being delivered on time. Since the customer started using Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) as its go-to for project management solutions, it got easier to spot and fix any mistakes made, as well as to learn from them in a consistent way and ensure they aren’t repeated.  

We can now see all of our projects in real-time in one place

We can now see all of our projects in real-time in one place and consistently deliver more value to our stakeholders and do so quicker than ever before.


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