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The UOIT Saves over 3h/Day on Project Setup and Reporting


Lack of solutions to support growing demands

  • The demands on the customer’s communications and marketing department were growing exponentially, while resources were staying the same.

No insights into activities across multiple departments

  • The UOIT needed to start applying a value to the work that its team was doing, but didn’t have a system that could help track the activities of all team members.

Lack of simple reporting solutions

  • The organization needed to generate reports of its project output but existing solutions made reporting time-consuming and non-effective.  


  • Customization

    The Birdview PSA automation through project templates for repeatable projects helps significantly reduce project setup time and administrative stress.

  • Business Intelligence

    The UOIT required a solution that was responsive, easy to use, and able to organize every aspect of the customer’s work. With the Birdview PSA BI capabilities, the customer received it all.

  • Resource Management

    Birdview PSA offers a low-maintenance but robust resource management solution that can capture all project requests in a central location and provide insights into the organization's current resource availability.

  • Custom Reports

    The capability of EP to generate the custom reports the customer needed was the key. The reporting system is easy to use and provides everyone only with relevant and up-to-date information.


The UOIT has found Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) to be able to keep up with the organization’s workload without adding extra “work” to its days. The team is now able to provide reports with a faster turnaround time, thus better showing the success, hard work, and output of the team’s materials.

Resource optimization and allocation became more efficient and managers saw a reduction in duplicated efforts on some projects between the team members. Their accountabilities are clear and easily tracked with EP. It allows managers to track timelines, manage priorities, better plan future projects, and ensure that everyone on the team is accountable for their work and communicating in one central location.

I have 100% more buy-in from our team to use Birdview PSA

I have 100% more buy-in from our team to use Birdview PSA than any previous system. We know it will adapt to all of our needs. Most importantly, what sets Birdview apart from any other project management application we looked into is customer service and care. The assistance we receive is exemplary.”

Amy N. 

Manager of Projects and Event Services

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