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Saving Managers’ Time and Effort with Birdview PSA


Manual updates

  • The team used Excel for its project management process, however, the system didn’t notify the team of tasks and required manually updating spreadsheets. Adding hours to the spreadsheet was cumbersome and time-consuming, and consequently many of the team stopped using it.


  • Project Tracking

    Along with the solution of working hours tracking, it became clear to the team what was going on with the projects. Also, it has allowed them to monitor and track tasks and provide not only more reporting but the ability for project managers to manage and plan tasks more effectively.

  • A Single Source of Truth

    Digitalus now uses Birdview PSA for end-to-end project and task management. The most important features for the team are the email notification, the ability to manage multiple projects and tasks from the one interface, file uploads, and bug tracking.

  • Team Collaboration

    Digitalus also uses Birdview PSA to manage web clients. Design and programming tasks are allocated to their team that updates their timesheets daily and adds related notes and files to each project, thus keeping everyone in the loop.

  • Time Tracking

    It was very complicated to track and manage working hours through spreadsheets, so the Birdview PSA time management features became a life-saver for the Digitalus team.


Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) plays nicely with the Digitalus’ intranet and has an easy-to-use GUI. When using Birdview PSA, the team can easily track projects and tasks, record hours worked, associate files with projects, track bugs, and notify users of task status. Birdview PSA has a simple layout that works without any issues in the company’s existing mixed IIS/Apache Windows/Mac environment. Birdview PSA simplified the work with clients and saved the managers’ time and effort. Digitalus have a team of 5 using Birdview PSA to manage 28 projects at the moment, each with multiple tasks, thus improving their turnaround time.

Our turnaround time has improved and our client estimates are much more accurate.

“We chose EP since it has all the features we need, is simple to use, inexpensive and easy to set up. As a result of implementing Birdview PSA in our company, we’re able to much more effectively plan out our future client work and more accurately estimate completion dates. Our turnaround time has improved and our client estimates are much more accurate.


Lucas Young 


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