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Farner-Bocken Runs 100+ Projects Simultaneously


Project data dispersed across different databases

  • All of the project data was stored in different databases. It was very complicated both for managers and team members to find the information they required.

Customizations needed

  • Farner-Bocken needed customizable roles and also wanted to improve data storage security. The software development team in the Information Services department wanted to transition to web-based project management

Time wasted on administrative maintenance

  • The previous software required administrative maintenance. As a result, it was consuming additional time and distracted the team members from their main tasks.


  • Project tracking

    With support for time logs and status reporting, project activities and costs can now be visually tracked by anyone from software developers, to business analysts, to the IT Director.

  • Customization

    The ability to pre-configure projects immediately freed up time for other tasks. The team can now create custom user roles and fields, as well as establish role-based access permissions. The web-based interface and custom user roles, allowed the system to easily adapt and integrate into the corporate environment.

  • A Single source of truth

    Birdview PSA acts as a unified platform that helps the company store all of the project data in one place. The friendly user interface allows easily searching for all of the information and by using shortcuts, activities can be entered and assigned with virtually no effort. For Farner-Bocken, it means they save time and as a result, money.


With deployment, it became immediately clear that Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) was easy to use, learn, and administer. It is now being used to manage nearly 100 active projects. As a result, It has allowed the Farner-Bocken team to track everything from simple tasks to complex projects with multiple dependencies. The whole system allows for fluid data entry. It can be filtered, so you can find exactly what we are looking for, and details on tasks and projects are communicated electronically thus eliminating paperwork.

Birdview PSA saves money by reducing the amount of time spent on physical meetings required to share project information. All relevant data is now stored and shared through Birdview PSA.

We immediately liked Birdview PSA for a number of reasons.

We immediately liked Birdview PSA for a number of reasons. First, the ease of access through the web-based interface for both internal and remote users. Second, the relational database behind the scenes to house all of our project activity data.

Jay Westercamp,
PMP of Farner-Bocken

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