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Increasing Yearly Number of Completed Projects by Over 50%


Lack of a centralized system to store and manage projects

  • The company lacked a central repository where all projects lived and where management could look to find status, health, and visibility into existing and upcoming work. 

Lack of reporting solutions

  • Reports for the CIO were created by copy & pasting data from multiple spreadsheets into a single spreadsheet. It made reporting time-consuming, inefficient and resulted in multiple errors in reports. 


  • Customization

    The ability to integrate with 2,000+ third-party services allowed the team to easily adopt the new system and start using its features for the company's benefit.

  • Business Intelligence

    This feature of Birdview PSA instantly became a favorite of the team. The ability to use the BI and Dashboard add-on to report on anything and everything and be able to present the status and health of active projects to senior management on a weekly basis via email increased the company’s accountability.

  • Resource Management

    All information about each employee's workload is available to managers. This makes it possible to intelligently plan and evenly distribute the working hours and complete projects as quickly as possible.

  • Custom Forms

    Thanks to custom forms that can be created in Birdview PSA, the client's team decides what data and in what form must be collected for the success of the project.


After nearly 1.5 years of use, the company has grown from a single team to several departments working on over 400 active projects across multiple portfolios thanks to using Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects).

Since Birdview PSA is highly customizable, it allowed the company to meet its unique needs within a single platform. As the company’s project management maturity has grown, Birdview PSA has been there to support its growth and was willing to consult with the team on how best to leverage the platform to support its needs.

Birdview PSA has been a partner to us and assisted us in the growth of our PMO.

After an extensive search, we decided on Birdview PSA because of its value proposition: its features, functionality, and ability to be easily customized at the best price made it an easy decision for us. Birdview PSA has been a partner to us and assisted us in the growth of our PMO. They have been willing to listen to our ideas and work with us as we grow. My experience has been that I get requests from departments and divisions across our Organization requesting to get Birdview PSA for their team because they saw it being used in another meeting, and they really liked what they saw.


Kevin D.,
Systems Project Manager

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