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U.S. Medical Institution Increases Productivity by 60%


Multiple tools and siloed data

  • The organization had different programs and platforms doing different things, across different divisions. The first PM solution has budgeting capabilities that weren’t meeting the staff’s needs or expectations. The next platform lacked project and task components. 

Lack of integration between the systems

  • There was no integration between different systems or across divisions. When a new project was created using the previous platforms, an additional project would need to be created for the budgeting components. This was inefficient and time-consuming.

Lack of transparency for clients

  • Expectations for deliverables could not be provided to clients because the staff didn’t know what could be delivered or when. The failure to conduct realistic, honest conversations with clients was very stressful and decreased morale.

Poor budgeting and reporting processes

  • There was an inability to segment budgets across different divisions. Creating specific reports took several days and required the efforts of numerous staff members.


  • Workflow automation

    To streamline processes and create consistency across various departments, Birdview PSA offer workflow automation. It also helps keep everyone in the organization on the same page.

  • Business Intelligence

    With the Birdview PSA robust BI features, healthcare organizations gain visibility into their key processes and operations. It also allows providing patients and their families with relevant information and clarity of their medical condition.

  • Custom reports

    Since healthcare organizations rely heavily on reporting, Birdview PSA offers advanced data analysis and reporting features to deliver valuable insights into medical institutions’ work, as well as improve accountability.


The company now has a very integrated system between its project and budget management and has extended Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) to all divisions for complete alignment. Staff can now have realistic, honest conversations with clients and with each other, turning the tide to become more efficient and truthful about what it really takes to deliver, and increasing client satisfaction.

The significant increase in visibility has led to more alignment and accountability. Now that divisions are all using Birdview PSA, people are on the same page and can better understand each other. The success team at Birdview PSA also helped company executives put together automated expense reports. Reports are now produced within minutes, saving countless hours.

We moved from a reactive space into a much more proactive space.

Our previous work management systems performed some tasks well, but significantly underperformed in others. We finally got in that perfect dovetail with Birdview PSA. It changed the game for us because now our staff is having realistic conversations with our

clients and with each other. Our clients know exactly what to expect. 

We changed our culture. We moved from a reactive space into a much more proactive space. From a budget perspective, Birdview PSA does everything. It’s perfect!”

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