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ICOM Puts in Order Multiple Requests and Projects


Lack of a centralized solution for incoming requests 

  • 7,500+ customer requests arrive in different formats via different sources: phone, fax, mail, email, etc. Once received, these requests had to be reentered into a home-grown tracking system. 

Time-consuming manual request assignment

  • The department manager had to manually assign all incoming requests to the appropriate personnel. This process took an enormous amount of time, was prone to errors, and provided very little audit or search capabilities.


  • Project Tracking

    The lifecycle of projects and their creation is now entirely in the Birdview PSA system. They are easy to monitor and engage the necessary resources

  • A Single Source of Truth

    If before everything was done manually and required a lot of attention from the manager, now the project management tool takes care of most of the manual work. Absolutely all requests and assignments go through Birdview PSA. So all ICOM employees and managers are aware of everything that is going on.

  • Team Collaboration

    The ICOM team uses Birdview PSA to track time, exchange messages, store project related files and many other things on a daily basis.


Once Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) was implemented, the ICOM team made a rule. All requests are now submitted only through Easy Projects and, based on the specified rules, are automatically assigned to the appropriate staff member. The need for double entry was completely eliminated. As a result, they were also able to decrease miscommunication and the number of searches. With records and an audit trail for everything within one place, Birdview PSA proved to be an indispensable tool for SOX compliance.

ICOM was able to save at least 10 minutes per request for team members and about 5 minutes per request on manager’s time. That’s a savings of approximately $45,000 a year. Birdview PSA is now recommended for use in other departments.

Everything was easy: installation and configuration, user training, and of course, daily use

“After having evaluated five project management packages we made our choice. Birdview PSA was selected because of its user-friendly interface, the availability of the source code and an exceptional price-to-value ratio. I have never imagined that a large-scale roll-out like ours (we currently have close to 90 active users) could be that simple. Everything was easy: installation and configuration, user training, and of course, daily use.”

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