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Lowes Food Keeps Track of its Projects and Saves Money


Ineffective communication and collaboration

  • The company used a combination of surveys, emails, and Excel spreadsheets to manage the workload but it was not proving effective at keeping up with the demand. As a result things sometimes slipped through the cracks.

Lack of visibility into workload

  • The previous system didn’t provide visibility on the status of jobs, and there was no way to assign requests based on workload.


  • Project Tracking

    Now all projects are in one place, available to both direct executors and customers.

  • Resource Management

    Previous tools didn’t provide visibility into the workload of the team. Now the workload of each employee is clear to both the manager and customers from other departments.

  • Tailored Workflows

    Birdview PSA is an intuitive product, offering customization at a great price. Since Lowes Food has over 50 people who regularly request creatives from them, a free guest license was key.


The marketing team at Lowes Foods needed a solution that would keep up with their workload, which covered 10 projects and 150 marketing requests from over 50 different stakeholders at any given time. The Birdview PSA Implementation Program allowed for a smooth transition to the new system.
With everything else the company had going on, Birdview PSA Success Coach made getting started much easier. The Birdview PSA team helped the Lowes Food team to
learn the new system fast enough and made sure their employees aren’t left behind by ongoing projects. The customer’s teams got engaged quickly when changing over to a new system. 

Birdview PSA has helped our creative production workflow

Shortly after we implemented Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects), one of our designers was unexpectedly out of the office for a week. After taking a look at his assignments in Easy Projects we were able to reallocate work so nothing fell through the cracks. That is only one example out of many of how Birdview PSA has helped our creative production workflow.


Laura Goldstein,
Director of Marketing

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