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The Manpower Team Improved Processes using Birdview PSA


Different tracking and management methods

  • Global and North American marketing services teams were using different methods to track and manage projects. Globally, they were manually inputting projects into MS Excel spreadsheets. For North America, the team used a different project management tool that was too complex to be effective and it was impossible for both teams to seamlessly collaborate on projects.

Outdated tools

  • The project management tool North American marketing was using at the time was complicated to use and did not have the features they needed to go above and beyond their usual workflows.

Lack of collaboration

  • Between Global and North America, the team managed 50-60 projects at a given time. To manage project data, the team was using spreadsheets that made it almost impossible for departments to track progress once the project was inputted. Using spreadsheets was time-consuming and disorganized


  • Project tracking

    The ManpowerGroup departments from different parts of the world can now collaborate and monitor the progress of assignments.

  • Tailored workflows

    The processes include not only the performers but also the stakeholders. This accelerated the decision-making process and freed up time for work.


So far, using Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) has been highly efficient due to ManpowerGroup running and formatting report time being cut in half. They now have a single tool that their creative, digital, and marketing teams can use to collaborate. Their event teams have even started using the tool to manage on-site and off-site events. Another benefit is that they can include all stakeholders in tasks, allowing them to keep everyone updated on projects, resulting in faster turnaround times for feedback and revisions. With all of these teams collaborating within the tool, they have cut software costs across the organization and saved on license fees by using the free guest user accounts.

Birdview PSA has significantly improved our team’s project process.

Birdview PSA has significantly improved our team’s project process. From the client input form to project reporting, we are able to manage our projects from start to finish all within the application. It’s easy to use for our team of designers, project managers and clients.

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