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Spicers Introduces Efficient Global Project and Team Management


Existing tools are too complicated to use

  • Using MS Project requires a certain degree of knowledge and Spicers needed an application which not only was easy to deploy but easy to access and user-friendly.

Costly solution and limitations

  • The company has been using Microsoft Project for their project management and felt that it provided limited user access, was very costly to deploy and difficult to learn and use.


  • Workflow Automation

    Working on projects is easy for any team member, especially once all of the processes are automated. Managers have enough time for direct management and other tasks, while the rest of the team can organize their own workflow with Birdview PSA easily.

  • A Single Source of Truth

    Seamless access to the project management system was very important to the Spicers team. The Birdview PSA web application turned out to be the perfect solution, since project team members could immediately log into the system without requiring the software to be installed on their PC.

  • Guest Portal

    The easy, web-based access and the user-friendly interface have enabled project stakeholders such as the Director of IT and the CIO, to monitor and stay up to date on project tasks.


The IT team at Spicers Canada needed to transition to an all-in-one, web-based project management solution in order to facilitate projects throughout multiple locations. Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) has been promoting greater project involvement from their entire team. Sharing project information between team members is now much easier. Everyone can track and update project data which in turn helps to bring all of the team members together, especially when they are spread out in multiple locations. It also provides a flexible licensing system to effectively manage users within the set budget

Transferrable user licenses save money by allowing managers to add and limit user access as needed. It also helps to save a great amount of time. Managers can concentrate on more important day-to-day project management activities rather than spending their time simply updating tasks.

Birdview PSA proved to have what we were looking for.

We were immediately impressed with Birdview PSA. Birdview PSA proved to have what we were looking for. It’s user-friendly and cost-efficient, and the EP sales and support team were very helpful and easy to work with.


Lisa Giblin,
IT Project Manager

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