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Effectively Track Resources with Rate Cards for Professional Services

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Accurately and efficiently tracking rates of resources is an integral part of a Professional Services business’s success. Easy Projects’ new  Rate Cards for Professional Services  streamline this process.

The Benefits of  Using Rate Cards

Easy Projects’ rate cards benefit your professional services business by offering:

  • Flexible project billing: Set up various pricing options for different services, customers, and employee levels.
  • Simple billing calculations: Simply have your team log hours and let the rate card system track the rest.
  • Detailed rate history: Track the progression of your project rates over time with the “Version” module.
  • Powerful reporting options: All billing data can be used to create powerful reports in Birdview’s Business Intelligence module.

Watch our demo to learn how you can start using rate cards!

How to Best Utilize Rate Cards

Rate cards can be used when:

  • You charge based on how much work employees do on a project.
  • Each employee has a different rate based on expertise, experience, or seniority.
  • Rates can change depending on a project or customer.
  • Rates may be subject to change while a project is underway.


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