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Obsolete project management tool

  • Previously, the department was using a custom solution called FileMaker Pro for task and project management. However, as the team grew, they discovered that it was not able to meet all of their needs. Customization and task assignment on this system was not possible.

The need to maintain archives and print data

  • The department had to print out tasks and physically hand them out to staff making it difficult to track all of the paperwork accurately. As a public institution, Concordia University is obliged to archive every single piece of communication. Every year, the department would archive thousands of printed files.


  • Resource Management

    Concordia University got workload specifications depending on how many people were involved in a project. Also, there was a customized calendar that allows administrators comparative views of employee schedules to improve workload allocation.

  • Tailored Workflows

    As Concordia University worked with Birdview PSA, it discovered that some unique requirements were needed for the sake of efficiency. The development team at Birdview PSA stepped in to customize the experience.

  • Custom Forms

    Custom forms were one of the crucial features for the department helping save time and energy. It is used to handle incoming requests from other departments within the university. It is now mandatory that all requests be sent through custom forms that were designed within Easy Projects.


After reviewing five project management platforms, the Department decided on Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) as the final choice. Since Concordia’s marketing department switched to Birdview PSA, a lot of positive changes have taken place. First of all, they managed to build a sustainable, paperless, office environment.

Collaboration within the department and with other departments has become easier, now they’re able to take requests from other departments seamlessly. And, of course, the workload began to be distributed much more efficiently, predicting the timing of tasks. Birdview PSA is helping the Concordia Communication Services team become more efficient and effective and has made the department a buzzing center of productivity.

The end result is that we’re actually making more stuff done instead of less

Aside from the time-saving aspect, I think it’s having everything in one place, to make sure that bits of paper don’t get lost, emails don’t get deleted, well, stuff gets deleted out of Birdview PSA as well, but really not the way an email can slip through the cracks, right? It made the workflow more efficient. The end result is that we’re actually making more stuff done instead of less.


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