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Geis Hospitality Increased Task Completion by 75%


The predominance of verbal approval of tasks

  • The Geis Hospitality team was organizing tasks through verbal meetings. During these meetings, staff would make commitments to projects and tasks within a certain time frame, however, there was no way to hold them accountable. 

Lack of a digital project management system

  • There was no system to track and monitor staff commitments and the progress of tasks which often led to work not being completed on time. This prompted the executive team to start their search for a product that would help keep their team more organized and productive.


  • Project tracking

    Since adopting Birdview PSA, Geis Hospitality has increased the number of projects they complete within specific timeframes. There has been a significant decrease in turnaround times and an increase in the number of projects and tasks completed.

  • Resource management

    Once the tasks became more visible to the staff, it became easier to match opportunities and prioritize work. Smart resource management allows finding the right people for the right job better.

  • Time tracking

    Task time was a very important factor for Geis Hospitality. With the adoption of Birdview PSA, the time frame is clearer and compliance is easier.


After evaluating a variety of different platforms and options, Geis Hospitality chose Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) as their final choice. The platform was rolled out to 25 users most of which consisted of the sales and marketing team. The implementation and onboarding took between 4-6 weeks. The most heavily used feature is the custom forms which have ensured tasks get completed in a timely manner.

Marketing department was able to leverage Easy Projects to enhance its queueing process. By using custom forms to track work orders, the team has been able to increase project output and eliminate a lot of back and forth communication.

Geis Hospitality tried Easy Projects in action by opening their new restaurant using the project management system. Tracking milestones and managing key dates and dependencies allowed them to open successfully without delay.

it gave us the value and usability we were looking for

Birdview PSA was user-friendly and straightforward. There was minimal training required, and the price point was better than other project management platforms we compared. Moreover, it gave us the value and usability we were looking for.


Tony Quintal,
VP of Finance

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