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10 Best Resource Management and Planning Software 2024

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Resource management in a business context is a critical process, involving the effective distribution and scheduling of resources to maximize productivity. With ever-evolving business dynamics, it is crucial to understand the importance of resource management software, the benefits it provides, and the top tools available today.

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What is Resource Management Software?

Resource Management Software is a technological solution designed to help businesses plan, allocate, and manage resources efficiently. These resources could include employees, equipment, time, and financial resources. The software aids in ensuring that all these resources are used effectively and productively to meet business objectives and project deadlines.

Benefits of Resource Management Software

Resource Management Software offers a plethora of benefits that can propel businesses towards unprecedented growth. Here are a few key advantages:


  • Improved Resource Utilization: The software provides an overview of available resources and their current deployment, ensuring optimal utilization.
  • Increased Efficiency: By streamlining resource allocation, businesses can enhance productivity and reduce waste.
  • Cost Savings: Effective resource management results in cost savings by preventing over-allocation or under-utilization of resources.
  • Better Team Work: Many resource management tools offer collaborative features, enabling teams to work together more effectively.
  • Informed Decision-Making: With clear visibility into resource usage, managers can make informed decisions that align with company goals.


Now that we have a clear understanding of what resource management software is and its benefits let’s explore the 10 Best Resource Management Tools available on the market in 2024.

10 best resource management tools

Birdview PSA

Birdview PSA is a comprehensive solution that effectively bridges the gap between portfolio and project management and resource management. It not only facilitates project and resource planning but also empowers resource allocation, making it a preferred choice for businesses looking to balance workloads and maximize productivity. The real-time insights, visual reporting, and project tracking capabilities further enhance the user experience, making Birdview PSA a robust tool for project-based organizations.

Key Features: Resource Planning and Scheduling, Project Management and Team Collaboration, Time Tracking, BI Reporting and Forecasting, Free Client Portal, Customization  

What clients say: Clients commend Birdview PSA for its convenient project setup, time estimation features, and user-friendly interface. The platform’s real-time progress tracking, resource allocation visibility, and budget analysis capabilities have proven valuable. While the intuitive interface, collaboration features, and resource allocation are lauded, navigational challenges and user filtering concerns are noted.

Overall, Birdview PSA effectively addresses project planning, task estimation, resource management, and progress tracking needs, providing streamlined solutions for informed decision-making in project management.

Get Full Control and Visibility into your Projects and Resources with the Birdview PSA


With its futuristic approach, Runn integrates project management and resource planning under a single roof. Its interactive design, coupled with powerful analytics, provides a detailed overview of resource availability and project deadlines, allowing managers to plan resources proactively. The real-time forecasting and budgeting features streamline the process, making Runn an all-around tool for all your resource management needs.

Key Features: Resource Scheduling, Project Planning, Capacity Management, Project Forecasting, Timesheets, Reporting

What clients say: Clients applaud Runn’s user-friendly interface and real-time insights for project and resource management. While missing reports and integration challenges exist, the responsive development team addresses these concerns. Some users note issues with accented names and data exporting, expressing hope for improvements. Despite minor drawbacks, Runn effectively handles resource allocation, time management, and project metrics, enticing users to switch from Excel and other tools for streamlined processes and confident decision-making.


Float is synonymous with simplicity and flexibility when it comes to resource scheduling and time tracking. It allows managers to visualize the whole team’s workload in a single view, aiding in making informed decisions about project assignments. The drag-and-drop feature enhances user interaction, making Float a highly user-friendly tool for resource management.

Key Features: Resource Management, Resource Planning and Scheduling, Time Tracking, Task Management

What clients say: Float is celebrated for its user-friendly resource allocation and scheduling capabilities, offering an intuitive interface and recent helpful updates. Users value Float’s simplicity and focus, with minor UI quirks and default access settings noted. While clients appreciate its efficiency, some find the UI for different modes clunky, especially when using a trackpad, and mention occasional issues with default access settings. In essence, Float streamlines resource management, enhances productivity, and holds the potential for further automation.

Resource Guru

Resource Guru offers a fuss-free approach to resource management. With a dedicated clash management feature, it prevents overbooking and provides transparency in resource allocation. Resource Guru’s time-off management and availability bar ensure that resources are effectively utilized, leading to an efficient workflow.

Key Features: Resource Scheduling, Resource Management, Leave Management, Project Scheduling, Equipment Management, Meeting Room Booking System, Capacity Planning, Project Forecasting Reports

What clients say: Clients praise Resource Guru for its user-friendly, flexible resource allocation capabilities, which simplify allocation without extensive training. Users appreciate its clear resource allocation visibility and convenient notifications. However, some clients have found themselves overcomplicating the tool’s usage through API integration. While Resource Guru streamlines resource management and provides valuable control, potential enhancements lie in simplifying integration, improving reporting, and refining email notifications for a seamless user experience.


As an all-in-one platform, Hive offers not just resource management, but also project management, process automation, and team collaboration tools. The workload view allows for a balanced distribution of tasks, ensuring resources are not overworked. Hive’s integration with popular apps like Slack and Zoom further enhances its versatility.

Key Features: Project Management, Team Collaboration, Time Management, Customization and Automation, Reporting, Project Layouts

What clients say: Hive garners praise for its robust project management and internal communication capabilities, offering users detailed work views, efficient Kanban board creation, and real-time status tracking. However, some users express concerns about threaded replies and the need for more advanced analytics for time allocation and efficiency gains. They also highlight occupational performance issues and suggest optimization for PC and mobile use. Despite these concerns, Hive’s versatility enhances remote team collaboration, streamlines project progress tracking, and fosters data-driven decision-making, making it a valuable tool for businesses seeking comprehensive project management solutions.

Resource Management by Smartsheet

Designed as a dynamic platform, Resource Management by Smartsheet takes resource management to the next level. It facilitates team collaboration, resource allocation, and project timeline tracking. Its ‘card view’ feature provides a real-time visual summary of ongoing projects, ensuring project managers can effectively plan resources.

Key Features: Task Management, Project Management and Monitoring, Resource Management and Planning, Optimization, Customer Management, Accounting

What clients say: Users appreciate the adaptability and user-friendliness of Smartsheet’s Resource Management, allowing for tailored resource management solutions. However, there are concerns about data download errors, API integration complexity, limited security features, and challenges with creating filtered views. Some clients find the support experience lacking in response time and technical solutions. Nevertheless, users admit that Smartsheet’s Resource Management streamlines resource allocation and serves as a centralized hub, benefiting large companies with diverse needs.


nTask is a feature-rich tool that provides a comprehensive solution for project and resource management. The time tracking feature allows for efficient workload management, and the Gantt charts offer visual timelines for projects. nTask’s meeting management feature distinguishes it, enabling efficient planning and execution of team meetings.

Key Features: Project Management, Gantt Charts, Meeting Management, Task Management, Team Management, Issue Tracking, Kanban Board, Time Tracking and timesheet, Risk Management

What clients say: Client opinions on nTask vary, with some seeking improvements in specific features. nTask earns praise for its cost-effectiveness and support, but users seek an improved Gantt chart for better project visibility. The software excels in team management and task reusability while offering a useful calendar feature. However, the interface could be more intuitive. nTask’s value lies in its affordability and its role in maximizing team productivity, risk management, and project transparency for professional teams.


Forecast is a smart resource management tool using artificial intelligence to automate project management tasks. The auto-schedule feature optimizes project plans, and the insights gathered from past projects aid in making informed decisions for resource allocation. Forecast’s ‘rate card’ feature also helps in managing project finances effectively.

Key Features: Project Management, Resource Management, Financial Management, AI, Reporting and Analytics

What clients say: Users find Forecast to be a useful tool for their teams, with extensive features improving forecasting accuracy and providing real-time insights. However, some users express a desire for more pre-built integrations to enhance versatility. Forecast addresses resource usage forecasting, project management, and report generation, offering accurate resource predictions, real-time project insights, and efficient reporting, ultimately boosting overall efficiency. Despite its potential, some users report concerns about pricing changes and ongoing bug issues, leading them to explore alternative solutions.


Paymo offers an excellent blend of project management and resource scheduling. The live time tracking and automatic time-sheet creation reduce administrative workload, while the visual timeline facilitates a seamless planning process. Paymo’s invoicing feature further augments the resource management experience, making it a well-rounded tool for businesses.

Key Features: Time Tracking, Automatic Time Tracking, Task Management, Kanban Board, Team Collaboration, Team Scheduling, Leave Planner, Gantt Chart, Invoicing & Estimates, Online Payments

What clients say: Users commend Paymo for its user-friendly design, featuring a straightforward menu sidebar that simplifies access to various business functions, from user management to financial tracking and task creation. However, they express dissatisfaction with suboptimal UX design, and limited financial features compared to specialized accounting platforms. The time tracking tool’s inconvenience also receives criticism. Despite these drawbacks, Paymo enables effective time management and client attention, reducing billing confusion during invoicing.  


Mosaic takes a holistic approach to resource management. Its intuitive interface provides a centralized view of team schedules, tasks, and availability. Mosaic’s automatic scheduling and project syncing make it an innovative tool that caters to the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

Key Features: Resource Management, Workforce Management, Dashboards & Reporting, Budget & Time Tracking, Project Planning, AI, Automation & Forecasting

What clients say: Mosaic earns praise for its user-friendly and visually intuitive workload planning tool, benefiting time-billing companies like agencies by aiding in effective resource management. Users find it valuable for tracking who is working on what, enhancing team productivity and efficient project scheduling. While some consider it almost too feature-rich and slightly complicated, Mosaic streamlines billing history tracking, task assignment, scheduling, and timesheet management. Its AI-driven features save time and provide insights.

Final Thoughts  

The realm of resource management tools is vast, but understanding the capabilities of each can streamline your decision-making process. Choosing the right tool for your business needs is critical, as the best resource management tool is the one that optimally suits your business model, boosts productivity, and enhances efficiency.

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