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10 Best Enterprise Project Management Software in 2020

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Today’s organizations utilize project teams consisting of members who work remotely from many distant locations. As a result, business managers must select an effective enterprise project management software package that facilitates planning, communication, and collaboration. However, not all enterprise software platforms are created equal and contain a variety of different functions. The following is a review of the top ten enterprise project management software packages in 2020.    

Birdview PSA Enterprise (formerly Easy Projects)

Birdview PSA enterprise project management software has a full set of comprehensive features like resource and capacity planning, portfolio management, interactive business intelligence dashboards, in-depth reporting, and more.

  • Ability to budget, analyze, and prioritize multiple projects simultaneously with project portfolio management tools. It’s possible to group projects into organized portfolios to efficiently segment and produce reports based on projects, team members, department, customer, etc.
  • Easy Projects offers true visibility into the availability of resources with capacity planning and resource loading simulation. With these capabilities, it’s easy to find out who can take on a new project based on their schedule or skill set and who is currently overloaded.
  • Easy Projects in-depth Business Intelligence reports provide Senior Management with complete visibility into all initiatives, programs, projects, and their metrics.
  • Powerful Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence algorithms can help project managers predict when a project is most likely to be completed.
  • Integration with 2000+ applications and legacy platforms.
  • Personalized training and implementation programs ensure seamless onboarding and quick product adoption by the team.

Rated Easiest to Use for Complex Projects, Birdview PSA is a trusted project management tool for medium and large enterprise teams. Birdview’s powerful features connect both local and remote teams to complete projects faster, making it a top enterprise software in 2020.

Microsoft Project Server

A versatile and powerful enterprise project management software package, Microsoft Project Server contains a wide range of features for planning, scheduling, documentation, collaboration, and budgeting.

  • As a powerful feature for task prioritization, Microsoft Project uses task lists and Gantt charts for users to list tasks and durations.  
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft products such as Teams, Dropbox, Excel, and Word. Familiar tools make this software even easier to collaborate and work with remote teams.  
  • Ability to embed sub-tasks into projects. With the creation of a master file to track multiple related projects, any changes made to the sub-task are carried over to the master.  
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime, on mobile devices. Cloud-based option travels with teams to facilitate access.  
  • Administration and management tools to manage user permissions, create custom scripts, and automate processes. Robust reporting functionality assists management in project proposals and timelines as well as employee scheduling.  

Microsoft Project’s powerful tools are a valuable asset to project teams everywhere. Collaborative features and simple management of resources make this software a leading contender in the industry.


Sciforma is an end-to-end solution containing several features for all areas of enterprise project management. This fully configurable portfolio and project management solution can be run as on-premise, hosted, or as a SaaS system.

  • Includes several tools for the planning and tracking of multiple projects. Such tools include Project Scheduler with Gannt view, Project Status, Resource Management, Idea Management, Issue Management, and Change Request Management.  
  • Portfolio Status Overview feature helps portfolio managers access all projects, check the status, and identify issues. Other tools such as Budget Management, Portfolio Ranking, and Portfolio Simulation can compare resource needs by organization and job classification. Any bottlenecks and allocation issues can also be visualized with the Capacity Planning tool.  
  • Time Tracking and Team Management tools enable team members to view their assignments and deadlines. Upcoming work and assigned issues can be clearly viewed.  
  • A variety of support tools, including training, consulting, and tutorial videos.  
  • Functions across all devices with customized deployment according to need.  

Sciforma has a 30-year project management history with 300,000 global users. It is an efficient out-of-box solution that is entirely configurable to suit many project management tasks.  


Workfront Project Management software contains robust features for collaboration and digital-asset tracking. This application, geared to high-end project management, connects people and data to manage a project from start to finish effectively.  

  • Focused on centralizing data from various online tools. Fusion, a vital component of the program, is a drag-and-drop tool that integrates third-party services with Workfront.  
  • Highly configurable to support any type of project throughout the enterprise.  
  • Effortless communication and collaboration with team members to share and manage documents.    
  • It contains several tools, including product and resource management, agile project management, work breakdown structure, digital collaboration, and review and approval software.  

Workfront is a robust and versatile project management software. It is available in three different pricing options of Standard, Select, and Premium. Managers must carefully weigh which package is the most suitable for their needs since they vary in features.  


Clarizen is a centralized cloud-based solution that combines project management and work management for larger organizations and enterprises. There are two tiers of service to choose from based on the amount of customization needed.  

  • Project management is intuitive and straightforward to set up. Create templates or use prefabricated ones for more common business situations.  
  • Supports the addition of tasks and other information via email.
  • Sufficient for many situations as a reliable tool for small to mid-sized companies.  

Clarizen is a lightweight, straightforward to use solution for a variety of projects. It is less intimidating for newer staff, which can save time that would otherwise be used for training.  

Oracle Primavera

With a 30-year proven track record, Primavera continues to be the go-to project management software for many organizations. The ability to manage projects of any size, and integrate many aspects to connect teams and improve outcomes, makes this cloud-based solution a serious contender for many organizations.

  • Interactive Gantt charts enable project managers and participants to communicate efficiently.  
  • Using the Primavera Schedule Cloud Service component, managers can better manage hierarchy-based resources and roles.  
  • The Resource Analysis component uses visual representation with histograms that enable managers to determine the utilization of resources better.  
  • Risk management tools with a risk register to view and prioritize project risk. Risk thresholds and scoring matrices can be used as tools for qualitative analysis.  
  • Coordination, planning, and execution of roles between all team members are improved by using the Lean Cloud’s Task Management component.  
  • Cost management tools are an integral part of the package that contains functional capabilities to lower the chances of going over budget.  
  • Mobile capabilities with powerful functionality to connect managers and users on the go.

Oracle Primavera is a powerful and complete project management software package that enables managers and team members to make the right decisions at the right time. Its extensive array of planning, cost management, and resource tools continue to make this package appealing to organizations of all sizes in any industry.  


Clarity’s project management system with cost, budget, billing, resources, and task management features assist in accurately tracking progress and meeting goals and objectives. Used by many Fortune 500 companies across several sectors, Clarity offers an all-in-one solution to manage work, people, and budgets.  

  • Provides a single consolidated view of each team member’s project queue and schedule. Managers can efficiently assign tasks with advanced features that replace outdated filtering and matching tools.
  • Microsoft Excel-like charting allows the customization of investment types and fiscal periods. Connectivity to popular Business Intelligence software enables better monitoring of financials on both the project and portfolio levels.
  • Highly customizable reporting to help track progress and aid in decision-making.  
  • Enables users to establish portfolio metrics and standards to access their investments against various indicators and statistics. The program also includes an integrated KPI and an advanced analytics module.  
  • It can be implemented as a cloud-based solution and accessible from any remote location via mobile devices.  

It’s clear to see that its enhanced functionalities and capabilities make Clarity an excellent choice for managers to complete their digital oversight projects.

Planview Enterprise One

Planview Enterprise One offers high-level capabilities covering everything from resource management to analysis and forecasting. All product, service, and project ideas from team members are centralized, ranked, and aligned with organizational goals.  

  • Integrated road maps can be used to establish direction and implement changes.  
  • Creative ideas can be captured in one place and evaluated against strategic goals with a broader audience.  
  • Impact analysis and scenario planning to help identify the best approaches. Plans can be refined with top-down prioritization or bottom-up work.
  • Uses real-time views into future demand to balance resource capacity.  
  • Out-of-the-box FastTrack reports help run the business efficiently from day one.  
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Power Business Intelligence for increased data visualization and analysis.  

Planview Enterprise One assists businesses in transforming their strategies to deliveries in today’s fast-paced markets. This software provides a full range of portfolio and work management solutions that empower teams to do their best.


Unlike the powerhouse enterprise project management software described above, Bitrix24 offers basic customer relationship management (CRM) and lead management to smaller businesses and startups. However, this platform does offer several useful tools for social collaboration and management tools.  

  • HR management system to assist with attendance, reports, workflow, payroll, and employee directories.  
  • The ability to create individual workgroups enables teams to work and communicate together on projects through the platform.
  • Unlimited cloud storage and document management systems to prevent the loss of files.  
  • Group task manager allows for the monitoring of time spent on projects and information on individual task progress.  
  • The powerful CRM component includes a variety of brand promotion tools and email marketing, text messaging, social ads, and much more.  
  • An integrated contact center with live chat capability and social media tools to manage and openly communicate with team members.
  • Visual website builder with landing pages and e-commerce stores that are simply constructed with drag and drop technology. Free domains and hosting are also provided.

Bitrix24 is an efficient management software package for small to medium-sized businesses. The basic free tier comes with 5 GB of cloud storage, CRM, task management, and document management and space for 12 users. The higher-tier plans have many other features and the ability to add unlimited users.  


Used by top infrastructure owners, ProjectWise harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure for scalability, reliability, and security. Smart sharing in ProjectWise enables team members to use their own applications and file formats, which they can effortlessly find and share.  

  • Markups and feedback are automatically synchronized regardless of how they are captured. This includes electronic files, drawings, renderings, PDFs, and 3D prints. Markups created by pen and paper can be synchronized using ProjectWise’s Dynamic Plot.  
  • iPad apps enable users to prepare and collate information as well as package and distribute it.  
  • Users can access and browse folders and files anytime, anywhere in the ProjectWise database.  
  • Smart work sharing with powerful capabilities, including spatial view, web view, permissions view, dependency view, and component view.  
  • Flexible deployment options support both large and small project teams onsite or online.

ProjectWise solves the challenge of costly, inefficient collaboration with its robust information mobility solutions. Teams who design files in all formats can quickly find, share, and interact with smart work sharing.   It’s work-sharing services, content reuse services, and actionable feedback make this enterprise project management software a valuable commodity for many organizations.

Enterprise project management software helps with many aspects of project planning, scheduling, and cost control. The most appropriate package can be selected to facilitate a successful outcome by evaluating the organization’s project management needs.  

Contact us for information on how our project management services can help your organization increase team productivity, project outcomes, and streamline team collaboration.

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