Project Management Report Examples

Schedule Performance

Active Activities on Schedule

Schedule Performance Reports are used to track and analyze the progress of projects, activities, and milestones against a predefined schedule. These reports provide insight into how closely the actual progress aligns with the planned schedule and can help project managers and team leaders identify areas where the project is falling behind schedule and take corrective action.

  • The Schedule Performance Reports typically consist of a table or chart that compares the planned schedule with the actual progress for each activity or milestone.
  • The report may also include information about the variance between the planned schedule and actual progress, as well as any trends or patterns in the schedule performance over time.
  • SPI (Schedule Performance Index) and End Date are often used as key metrics to determine wether a task is on schedule or not.

Schedule Performance Reports are useful for identifying risks and trends in schedule performance, such as delays in specific activities or areas where additional resources may be needed in order to keep the project on track. By monitoring schedule performance regularly, project managers can make informed decisions about resource allocation, adjust the project plan as necessary, and take corrective action to minimize the impact of any delays or risks.

Active Activities on Schedule

Average Time to Resolve

The report with the average time to resolve provides valuable insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of a team or organization in completing projects.

  • By tracking the average time to resolve or complete tasks or issues over time, a team or organization can identify trends and patterns in their performance.

For example, if the average time to resolve issues is consistently increasing, it may indicate that there are inefficiencies or bottlenecks in the process that need to be addressed.  Conversely, if the average time to resolve requests is decreasing, it may indicate that improvements in processes, technology, or training are paying off.

  • Additionally, the report can be used to set targets and goals for the team or organization. For example, if the current average time to resolve tasks or projects is 10 days, but the target is to reduce it to 8 days, the team can use the report to track their progress towards this goal over time.

It is important to note that this type of report works best for projects or activities that have relatively short durations. For longer, more complex projects, the average time to resolve may vary significantly depending on the specific circumstances of each project, and other metrics may be more useful in measuring performance.

Average Time to Resolve

Required Date Risk Report

A Required Date Risk Report is a type of project management report that helps project managers identify the risk of missing a required milestone date. This report is particularly useful when there are key milestone dates that must be met, and those dates are separate from the overall project end date.

  • To generate the report, the project manager tracks the estimated end dates of all associated activities and compares them against the required date, which is typically recorded as a custom field in the project management software.
  • The report may display a risk score or a color-coded indicator (such as green, yellow, or red) to help the project manager quickly identify which milestones are at risk of being missed.

By using this report, the project manager can proactively identify potential issues and take corrective action to mitigate the risks. For example, the project manager may decide to adjust the schedule, add additional resources, or re-prioritize tasks to ensure that the required milestone dates are met.

Required Date Risk Report

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