Resource & Project Management Software
for Architects

Enhance project efficiency, plan resources, streamline collaboration, mitigate risks, elevate client satisfaction, and achieve exceptional project results with the Birdview PSA project management software for architects.

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Ensure Successful Project Delivery

Whether you're working on small-scale renovations or large architectural projects, our software helps you consistently deliver your work on time and within budget, ensuring client satisfaction.

Optimize Resource Utilization and Planning

Balance resource allocation to maximize your team's productivity with our architectural project management software to take on more projects with confidence.

Identify and Mitigate Risks

Prioritize and address risks for high-stakes architectural projects. Our software allows you to determine and prevent potential risks, minimizing their impact on project timelines and outcomes.

All-in-One Solution for Managing Your Architectural Projects and Teams

From residential to commercial architecture, Birdview is tailored to meet the unique needs of architects to help them streamline workflows, gain full visibility into projects, and drive growth.

Keep Your Resource Capacity Under Control

Gain 100% visibility into your team members’ availability, expertise, and project workloads to plan resources the best way.

Forecast your resource capacity to ensure your workload and take informed decisions.

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Allocate Resources

Prevent Risks and ensure balanced resource utilization to eliminate bottlenecks and maximize productivity.

Streamline Your Project Workflows

Drill down into every stage of detailed project planning, from the initial design phases to construction benchmarks and compliance permit deadlines.

Keep your projects' progress under control constantly to spot and fix any potential setbacks in design or construction.

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Promote Seamless Collaboration and Communication

Streamline communication between architects, interior designers, structural engineers, and other stakeholders within Birdview's project management platform for architects.

  • Share files, including plans, blueprints, specifications, designs, and more
  • Exchange messages, comments, notes
  • Request and provide feedback
  • Use AI Assistant to improve client-facing communication

Build Stronger Relationship with Clients

Enhance client satisfaction by providing them with access to a free guest portal. Grant them access to:

  • Project updates, design presentations, construction progress, etc.
  • Message board to share feedback
  • The ability to review approve deliverables
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Enhance Project Performance through Data-driven Approach

  •  resource demand forecasting for architectural projects
  • BI reporting for architectural projects example
  •  Birdview financial project management software for architects screen
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Birdview PSA
integrates with over
2000+ apps

More “Must-Have” Architecture Project Management Tools

Speed up the Approval Process

Avoid bottlenecks and enhance the efficiency of your approval workflow. Annotate directly onto images within tasks to significantly accelerate the approval process.

Manage Projects within Portfolios

Reach your organization's ambitious milestones through our portfolio management functionality. Visualize, assess, and allocate multiple projects in a more streamlined manner.

Benefit from Deployment Alternatives

Birdview PSA extends a range of deployment possibilities - be it public or private cloud, corporate Azure accounts, or in-house deployment. Select the one that aligns with your requirements.

Keep Your Data

We prioritize the protection and privacy of your data. All information processed in Birdview PSA is encrypted, and access is strictly role-dependent.

Streamline Project Workflows

Establish dependencies among tasks to synchronize project timelines and leverage your resources optimally and effectively.

Experience Swift Onboarding

Gain confidence in your onboarding and team integration with our dedicated Success Coach guiding you every step of the way.

“The most important outcome from Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) is happier resources. We can measure and award the quality of the work which helps teams stay motivated as they feel their efforts are recognized and appreciated.”

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“Our Aha moment came when a custom report was generated that highlighted a significant ebb in the workload forecast 6 weeks forward. We had guesstimated that our workload would only ease 3 months ahead...”

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“We have been impressed with Birdview PSA (formerly Easy Projects) since first testing it in the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group OEM Division over three years ago!! We liked that EP.NET was straight forward, did not need up front specialized training.... ”

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