Powerful project management software for marketing

Efficiently plan marketing projects, optimize resources, and maintain complete control over budgets using Birdview’s all-in-one centralized platform for marketing project management

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Plan marketing campaigns

Turn your marketing strategies into actual project plans. Optimize resources, manage multiple activities, and keep an eye on your budgets to streamline your project delivery.

Unite team and clients

Bring team members and clients together in one place for effortless document sharing, simplified review and approval processes, and other collaboration tools for marketing.

Track marketing outcomes

Prioritize projects and measure project progress and team productivity. Use our reporting tools and dashboards powered by Business Intelligence to see marketing campaign performance.

Strategize, plan, execute, and monitor marketing project delivery from start to finish

Streamline marketing campaigns with full visibility into projects, resources, and finances to eliminate bottlenecks and optimize workflows.

Сustomization and planning

Customize workflows and effortlessly plan marketing campaigns

Align Birdview with your company’s existing business processes. Customize any process or view, including:

  • Custom workflows, fields, and attributes
  • Project data views (Table, Gantt, Kanban, Calendar)
  • Columns, participants, access
  • Custom forms to speed up incoming request management
  • Color-coding feature for a quick project status check
Click on the Tabs
  • Work in progress
  • Table View
  • Gantt Chart View
  • Kanban View
  • Calendar View
Project tracking tool - table view
Project tracking tool - Gantt view
Project data - Kanban board view
Project data - Calendar view
Project tracking tool - table view
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Resource management

Optimize smart resource planning

Maximize the use of your marketing team’s resources using our software. As a fast-growing company, with Birdview you can:

  • Always find the right people for the job based on their skillset and schedule
  • Spot and fix overloading and underloading in the team
  • Balance out your team workloads to avoid staff burnout
Campaign timelines

Predict campaign timelines and delivery speed

Stay informed about your project stages. Leverage time tracking tools to assist your managers in:

  • Effectively planning their team’s daily activities and working hours
  • Forecasting project delivery speed and timelines
  • Predicting resource allocation using Artificial Intelligence
Birdview time tracking tool screen

Speed-up your marketing
team communication

  • Collaboration
  • Approvals
  • Annotations

Instant and transparent collaboration: feedbacks, comments, sharing

Simplify communication within teams and across multiple departments inside your organization.

  • Store and share all files, messages, notes in a single workspace
  • Request and receive approvals directly in tasks
  • Connect in-house staff, freelancers, and remote teams in one place

Streamlined and automated approval process

Get the approvals you need in real time to speed up your project delivery process.

  • Request and track approvals from your team members, other departments or stakeholders
  • Review digital materials and add annotations directly on images
  • Set up in-app and email notifications to know when your attention is needed

Simplified digital and printed asset management

Image annotations make it easier for marketing teams to manage their digital and printed assets directly from the tasks. Using annotations you can:

  • Mark specific areas on the uploaded images, videos, HTML
  • Add comments for a colleague to review
  • Get instant feedback on your requests
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  • image annotations for creative teams screen
BI reports,and analytics

Gain real-time insights into your marketing activities

  • project dashboards for marketing teams image
  • expense tracking for marketing teams image
  • activity center for marketing teams screen
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Integrate with 5,000+ of your favorite tools

Bring together your preferred apps and essential data with Birdview integration solutions. Connect with Salesforce, HubSpot, Adobe Cloud, and other tools to enhance team productivity. Establish an ecosystem to empower your team in achieving the company's most crucial goals.

A unified platform for agencies, marketing, and service teams

project management

Efficiently handle projects, resources, and finances with the comprehensive creative project management platform offered by Birdview.

Advertising agency
project management

Birdview is project management software designed for advertising agencies, providing support throughout the project cycle to deliver high-quality campaigns and enhance profitability.

Professional services
project management

Birdview is professional services automation software that assists in every stage of the service delivery cycle, encompassing project, resource, and financial planning through to the final service delivery.

“It's really a way for me to get marketing materials completed since I do not have the necessary marketing project management tools to get those projects done. The benefits are being able to monitor the projects are they go through the steps on Birdview (formerly Easy Projects).”

“As a result of implementing the Birdview (formerly Easy Projects) marketing project management software in our company, we’re able to much more effectively plan out our future client work and more accurately estimate completion dates.”

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More “must-have” features for
marketing project management software

Project portfolio management

Keep multiple projects under control and deliver outstanding results using our project portfolio management software for marketing teams.

Client portal

Provide visibility to clients and stakeholders, allowing them to monitor progress, review approval items, and offer feedback through the free guest portal.

Custom request

Quickly manage requests from other departments and stakeholders, as well as set tasks to your colleagues using custom forms.


The safety of your personal and professional data is our top-priority. Our enterprise-grade security solutions are powered by MS Azure and every piece of information is encrypted.

Timeline and gantt charts

A visual representation of project timelines through Gantt charts is invaluable. This feature helps teams understand project schedules, dependencies, and critical milestones, fostering better planning.

Budget tracking

Effective budget tracking features ensure that marketing projects stay within financial constraints. This includes time and expense tracking, managing budgets, and providing real-time financial insights.

AI forecast

Built-in AI/ML algorithms enable the analysis of multiple variables, prediction of project completion dates, efficient downtime management, and identification and elimination of risks.

Project dashboard

Customizable Project Dashboards enable real-time tracking of KPIs, providing results for project managers, executives, and stakeholders.

Personal to-do list

A personal to-do list helps you visualize assigned tasks, prioritize them, and track time. Marketing team members can access status updates and collaborate effectively.

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The visibility you need,
the confidence you deserve

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Managing marketing projects with Birdview involves planning, organizing, and controlling the tasks and activities associated with marketing initiatives.

    The main goal of project management is to guarantee the timely and cost-effective completion of projects.

  • Key features of Birdview project management software include management of tasks, allocation of resources, tracking of project progress, tools for team collaboration, dashboards that can be tailored to specific needs, and the ability to integrate with other systems.

  • Birdview enhances project success by offering a unified platform where teams can collaborate, strategize, and keep track of project tasks and milestones.

  • Yes, Birdview offers customization options. Teams can often tailor the software to suit their specific workflows, goals, and project requirements.

  • Birdview makes collaboration easier by offering communication tools, shared workspaces, and real-time updates. Team members can easily collaborate on tasks, share documents, and communicate within the platform, creating a more collaborative and productive work environment.

  • Yes, Birdview’s project management software integrates with 5000+ other key tools, including CRM systems, MS Outlook, Jira, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • Birdview marketing project management software is designed to accommodate marketing teams, departments, and organizations of varying sizes. It is well-suited for marketing agencies, small businesses, and enterprises.

    When selecting marketing project management software, take into account your organization's requirements, the project's size and complexity, and your team's preferences. Look for features such as task management, reporting, integration with other tools, and scalability.

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