Resource, finance & project management software for engineering firms

Drive your project success and increase client satisfaction by efficiently planning resources, budgets and timelines with the project management software for engineers.

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Manage and deliver projects successfully

Whether you are working on small or large engineering projects, you will consistently deliver your work on time and within budget.

Plan and optimize resource utilization

Identify potential bottlenecks and balance out your resource allocation and utilization to take on more work with confidence.

Spot and prevent any risks

Determine and prioritize risks for high-stakes projects. Create action plans to prevent these risks from occurring or minimize its impact.

One tool for managing all of your engineering projects and teams

From civil and mechanical to chemical and electrical, Birdview is a perfect fit for any engineering team. Prioritize and manage work with a few simple clicks. Gain full visibility into your projects to identify and prevent bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and drive growth.

Plan your resources the right way, always

Deliver more work with accurate resource planning. Gain true visibility into your resources availability and find out who can take on a new task and who is overloaded.

  • Organize team workloads
  • Optimize planning and resource allocation
  • Assign tasks to the right people based on their schedule and skillset
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Visualize your project progress

Break down your projects into milestones to keep the work going and on track with our engineering project management tools. Use our Interactive Gantt Chart to:

  • Create interactive plans
  • Set and track dependencies
  • Share project plans with clients

Keep your local and remote teams on the same page

Simplify communication between local and remote teams. Use Birdview as a collaborative workplace to:

  • Add and share files
  • Leave messages, notes and comments
  • Assign tasks to the right people
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Increase customer engagement

Offer clients full transparency into their projects. Provide customers with access to our free guest portal to let them easily:

  • View project progress
  • Provide feedback and leave comments
  • Approve results

How Birdview differs?

We are more than a full-cycle project management platform. There is always room for growth with our solutions.

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We maximize your data usage

We are turned on by accurate and insightful reporting. If data can’t be analyzed it’s useless.

We care about your success

Our team will make sure you start using powerful features to the fullest ASAP.

We grow with you. always

Every step of your business growth and expansion will be powered by new features, modules, updates, and unique customization.

Gain valuable insights into your engineering projects’ performance and profits

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  • financial project management software for engineering firms screen
  • AI and ML forecasting graph for engineering projects
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Birdview integrates with over 6000+ apps

More “Must-have” engineering project management tools

Faster Approval Workflows

Avoid bottlenecks with a more efficient approval workflow. When reviewing images, users can add annotations directly to the image within a task for faster approvals.

Project Portfolio Management

Achieve your organization's long-term goals with portfolio management features. Visualize, analyze, and designate projects more efficiently.

Flexible Deployment Options

Birdview offers a variety of deployment options - public or private cloud, corporate Azure accounts, or on-premise deployment. Choose the one that works best for your needs.

Enterprise-grade Security

We take the security and confidentiality of your data seriously. All data entered in Birdview is encrypted. Access is role-based.

Streamlined Project Workflows

Set up dependencies between tasks to efficiently coordinate project schedules and maximize the use of your resources.

Full Onboarding
in No Time

Feel confident in your onboarding and team adoption with the help of our dedicated Success Coach by your side.

We can measure and award the quality of the work

“The most important outcome from Birdview (formerly Easy Projects) is happier resources. We can measure and award the quality of the work which helps teams stay motivated as they feel their efforts are recognized and appreciated.”

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We had guesstimated that our workload would only ease 3 months ahead...

“Our Aha moment came when a custom report was generated that highlighted a significant ebb in the workload forecast 6 weeks forward. We had guesstimated that our workload would only ease 3 months ahead...”

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We did not need up front specialized training....

“We have been impressed with Birdview (formerly Easy Projects) since first testing it in the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group OEM Division over three years ago!! We liked that EP.NET was straight forward, did not need up front specialized training....”

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A great support experience I’ve had

“I’m writing to simply share what a great support experience I’ve had. Tasked with migrating our Birdview (formerly Easy Projects) install to a new platform, I had some basic technical and process questions....”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Birdview engineering project management software enhances team collaboration with a suite of powerful tools. Real-time communication tools keep team members connected and allow for instant discussion of project details.

    Shared project dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of project status, milestones, and timelines, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Centralized document management securely stores all project documents, plans, and specifications in one accessible location, reducing miscommunication and errors.

    The client portal facilitates seamless communication with stakeholders, allowing for regular updates and feedback. Additionally, the mobile app enables team members to access project information and collaborate from anywhere, ensuring flexibility and efficiency. These features work together to keep all team members aligned, informed, and capable of collaborating effectively.

  • Birdview prioritizes data security with robust encryption, access controls, regular security audits, and compliance with industry standards, powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud, to protect sensitive project data.

  • Birdview offers comprehensive support to engineering teams, ensuring a seamless experience. This includes 24/7 customer service, where our dedicated support team is always ready to assist with any questions or issues. Our detailed knowledge base is a valuable resource, providing extensive documentation, FAQs, and step-by-step guides to help users navigate the platform effectively.

    Additionally, Birdview provides a variety of training resources, including webinars, video tutorials, and interactive workshops, designed to enhance user proficiency and maximize the platform's potential. For enterprise clients, we offer personalized onboarding and dedicated account managers to ensure a smooth implementation and ongoing support tailored to your organization's needs.

  • Birdview's software provides centralized document management, allowing easy file sharing and tracking of message board history. You can also request and give approvals, as well as add image annotations for detailed feedback. Additionally, Birdview integrates with SharePoint and OneDrive, enhancing engineering document management and collaboration across different platforms.

  • Birdview engineering project management software ensures the security of your data by implementing robust data protection measures at all possible levels. Data security is enhanced through a system of permissions for enterprise-level protection. Powered by Microsoft Azure cloud, Birdview complies with numerous cloud service provider certifications and attestations, including ISO 27007, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 1 / SOC 2 / SOC 3, FedRAMP, and UK G-Cloud.

  • Getting started with Birdview PSA is easy. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial that can be extended up to 28 days to explore Birdview possibilities. Or you can request a demo call on our website to see the software in action. We'll guide you through the setup process and help you get up and running quickly.

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